Nothing is Rotten!

I'm not a theatre reviewer, because if I were I would probably be a huge pain in the ass bitch. I will pick something apart like nobody's business. 

That said... If you are in NYC anytime soon, you really must see Something Rotten

I think we are getting to the point where you can safely assume that any comedy that Casey Nicholaw touches is going to be brilliant. Monty Python's Spamalot, The Drowsy Chaperone, Book Of Mormon... all his.. all brilliant. 

Something Rotten was crazy good. Yes, I'm biased because casey brought a great deal of Spamalot folks over with him. David Hibbard, Jenny Hill, Beth Nicely Johnson are all incredible friends and talented folks from Spamalot... is is Brad Oscar, who got a MUCH deserved Tony nomination for his role as Nostradamus. His first production number literally stopped the show with a standing ovation in the middle of the first act. A LONG one. Even I got up. (I RARELY applaud for individual songs when I am seeing a show. I think it spoils the flow, so I save it for the end of the act or the end of the show.) Aaron Kaburick and Linda Griffin were kick-ass also. Both of them were in The Drowsy Chaperone with me, and it was great seeing them again too. So... i'm biased. yes. But so was the audience. Brad's number in the first half wasn't the only time the whole show was stopped in the middle by a standing ovation. And those performers WORK for it! CASEY NICHOLAS KNOWS HOW TO DO A PRODUCTION NUMBER LIKE NO ONE ELSE!! PERIOD!  

Whenever I have a friend in NYC who has never seen a Broadway show, I try to take them to one. And I always feel like it's important for someone's first Broadway show to be a spectacle. (Mine was Miss Saigon) Big production elements. Good singing. You know.. awe inducing. Not all shows on broadway give you all of that. You don't have to have ALL of that to be awesome. One of my favorite shows of the past DECADE was Once. AMAZING.... but not the spectacle type of show. For that, I usually take first timers to Wicked or Matilda. Not anymore... Something Rotten is my new go-to show.