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Born and raised in Raleigh, Clay Aiken is proud to be an eighth-generation North Carolinian. As much as he has traveled this country and the world, North Carolina has always remained home to him, a place of family, faith and foundation.

As for many North Carolinians, life was not always easy for Clay. His family suffered from domestic upheaval and financial woes. Raised in his formative years by a single working mother, Clay learned early the value of hard work and commitment. Learned too, that character is everything. That fighting for what's right and keeping your promises are what define a person. Not what they earn or where they live.

Even after his life took him on journeys he could never have predicted, Clay has remained steadfastly committed to making a difference, helping others around the globe, but especially within his community.

Today, more than ever, Clay wants to give back to the place and the people that made him the man he is. Read more about Clay

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